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Is Your Employer Relocating? Know How to Properly Prepare Yourself for Employee Relocation

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Each year in the United States, a third of all renters move. Similarly, an estimated 40 million corporate moves occur each year, too. Employers frequently decide that they can operate more efficiently in another location and either hire a new staff in that town, or decide to bring their current employees along. If your employer offers to take you along, you must decide if you would rather relocate or look for a new job. When a corporation decides to relocate, andthe current positions are not being eliminated, employee relocation has to be considered, organized, and handled properly.

If your employer is planning to relocate, it’s important that you understand that there are certain rules and regulations in regards to protecting employee relocation rights. Additionally, being organized, and making plans ahead of time can ease the stress of an employee moving process. When a company is relocating, typically they give their employees two or more weeks to make a decision if they want to relocate, too. However, if your employer fails to give you adequate time to decide, or seems to have poor relocation services, there are rights that protect employers relocating for a job. These rights are usually found in the clauses of your contract with your employer in regards to governing termination of employment and relocation. It is very important for an employee to locate these clauses and understand them before deciding if they want to relocate with their employers.

There are also numerous practical factors to think about, such as cost of living in the new location, quality of life, and job opportunities for the rest of your family. There are also personal factors involved in relocating. For example, leaving behind family , friends, hobbies, clubs and schools to consider. Typically, relocation services will be available to help you with these issues. These services can help you compare the costs of living, find apartments, available homes, and organize your move efficiently. Your employer may also offer relocation packages to help ease the cost and hassle of moving, too. A relocation package can consolidate moving expenses for a business and their employees, making the moving process more affordable and manageable.

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