Installing Custom Shades Can Improve the Look of Your Home

There are plenty of window treatment options out there. How do you know which one is the right one for your home. Do you connect with a custom shades company to have custom shades made? Do you take a multilayer approach to your window treatment and go with the custom shades company than have drapery panels made as well? There are a lot of decisions to make.

This video from a professional designer will talk you through the process of choosing the right window treatment for your home. This video defines the options for window treatments, including going over in depth the type of drapery panels you can choose from.

Video Source

The video presenter defines window treatment terms that you should become familiar with like the differences between valances and cornices, and where they look best.

If you are new to home design or simply want some clarity on what type of window treatment options are available, this video is a must-watch. This informative in-depth video from a professional designer will help you make the right window treatment choice for your space. Watch now.


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