DIY Your Small Bathroom Renovation By Following These Tips

Are you dreaming of remodeling your bathroom? You probably have various reasons for wanting to renovate it. It may be because you’re dissatisfied with its current state or simply itching to remodel.

Your bathroom may need major work done if it hasn’t been remodeled in a long time. It could also be that the bath that came in the house you just purchased isn’t to your liking and taste.

Remodeled bathrooms add more aesthetic appeal and increase a home’s value, especially if it’s already outdated. It can also provide a way to add more storage space and make the room safer for the family.

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Whatever the case, renovating it will be for your own good. That is, as long as you have the budget for it.

In this video, Brad Rodriguez from Fix This Build That had partnered with Home Depot for a bathroom renovation project. The DIY remodeling for the small bathroom may sound like an easy task. Still, it can be overwhelming for someone not used to such renovations.

The entire bathroom renovation process had Brad installing a toilet, a new vanity, lighting, and a shower with tile. He used a custom hexagon mosaic set for the shower tiles in a gorgeous acrylic surround.

Are you confident enough to start your own bath remodeling project now? Otherwise, you can always hire a contractor to do it on your behalf.


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