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Here’s Why You Cannot Afford to Procrastinate with Fire Extinguisher Inspections

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Structure fires are one of the leading causes of property loss in the world, and they are particularly harmful to restaurants and hotel. If your commercial property has ovens, you absolutely need to be investing in fire extinguisher inspections at all costs.

If you think that a fire can never happen to your business, think again. Each and every day, unsuspecting business owners arrive at their restaurant to find that it has burned to the ground. While every restaurant needs fire extinguishers to legally operate, some owners will procrastinate on fire extinguisher inspections, putting the lives of their customers and staff in danger.

Fire extinguisher services should be one of your top priorities as a business owner, from fire extinguisher recharges to inspections. If you’re not investing in professional fire protection, you might as well close your doors. Here’s a quick overview of why it’s so important to be proactive with your fire extinguisher inspections:

  • Structure fires are unpredictable. Regardless of how careful you are to make sure that ovens are off when you leave every night, you simply can never truly predict a structure fire. There are more than 8,000 commercial kitchen fires reported annually, and you can be sure that none of these business owners expected it to happen to them.
  • Protect your business. Often times, restaurant and hotel owners don’t make fire extinguisher inspections a priority until they see the effects of this damage first-hand. Fires in restaurants and dining establishments cause an approximately $246 million in direct property damage each year, and you do not want to become another part of this statistic.
  • Tips to avoid catastrophe. While you wait for your fire extinguisher inspections, there are a few things you can do to protect your business from an utter disaster. For example, you should always remove ashes from wood and charcoal ovens at least once a day. Then, store them outside in metal containers at least 10 feet away from any buildings or combustible materials.

As the owner of a business, you have a responsibility to protect your patrons and staff. Fire protection is the best way to do this, and you should never slack on your fire extinguisher inspections for any reason. Get in touch with professional fire extinguishers services and sleep a bit more peacefully at night.

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