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Have You Trimmed Your Trees Lately?

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There’s nothing quite like a good first impression. From homeowners to small businesses, maintaining a positive image is an essential task that takes a lot of hard work. When the heavier seasons hit and the weather turns unpredictable, cleaning can mutate into a terrible chore, seeing all your hard work thrown to the wayside literally overnight. A stump grinding company is ideal for those who want to safely remove excess debris around their place of residence or business — tree cabling is a necessary function for people across the country to dispose of branches, stumps and sticks with eco-friendly methods. While planting trees is essential to provide buildings with natural shade and conserve on energy, taking care of them is a full-time job. How does a stump grinding company work, for starters, and what can they do for you?

Quick Facts

Did you know the evaporation from a single tree can produce the same effect as 10 room size air conditioners operating throughout the day? Trees are nature’s superheroes, protecting people and animals alike from temperature, pollution and the blistering heat of the sun. The majority of trees won’t grow well in areas that get less than 50% of open air and sunlight, with a significant amount of fine, water-absorbing tree and grass roots thriving in the top six inches of soil. A somewhat less-known fact that’s gaining traction as of late is the energy saving addition trees can offer.

Saving Energy

Planting just a single tree on the west side of your home can see your energy bills being reduced by 3% in five years’ time. After 15 years this can rise as much as 12%. This is due to trees’ natural ability to regulate both the surrounding air and temperature, providing your house with natural shade as well as filtering harmful pollens, dander and dust. Overall, tree windbreaks can reduce residential heating costs by a significant 15%. Considering how high energy bills can get during the extreme seasons, this is a welcome addition for many a homeowner.

Noise Pollution

A common issue facing many homeowners in crowded neighborhoods is noise pollution. Trees of all shapes and sizes are prime for absorbing and blocking the majority of sound, able to reduce noise pollution by as much as 40%. You can also see this with additional shrubbery, such as bushes and ferns, planted around your home or business. A belt of trees at least 100 feet wide and 45 feet high have even been found to reduce highway noise, some of the biggest offenders of noise pollution, by 50%. Trees need, on average, at least an inch of rain every seven to 10 days depending on the species.

Environmental Awareness

The world is continuing to become more environmentally aware and it’s not hard to see why. With energy costs rocketing through the roof and issues of pollution and deforestation rising to the forefront of many a news story, people are beginning to seek out ways of giving back to the environment while still saving on money. A stump grinding company disposes of natural matter using thoughtful methods, all the better to clear out lawns and backyards across the country without negatively impacting the air.

Stump Grinding Companies

While a rake and a garbage bag can eliminate the worst that fall and winter can bring to the table, you’ll want to contact a stump grinding company to get rid of the broken trees, excess stumps and snaggle of debris in healthy way. The Department of Agriculture suggets pruning or trimming trees at least once per year during the dormant season — while a mess of sticks can be troublesome to clean, the heavier ones can actually pose a safety hazard when it gets windy or rainy. If you’re concerned about tree pruning, give your local arborists a call and see what they can do for you. When you can save energy and reduce noise pollution in one fell swoop, there’s no reason not to make a tree cabling service your top priority.

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