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Don’t Let Plumbing Problems Ruin Your Universe

Professional drain cleaning

Your plumbing is just like the government’s Ultra-Secret Task Force to Identify and Repel Extraterrestrial Threats: if it’s doing its job right, you shouldn’t even know it’s there. And in both cases, when something does go wrong, your world can start smelling really bad, really fast. That’s why professional plumbing services exist (but not the U.S.T.F.I.R.E.T., so forget I mentioned it, okay?).

Take your sewer, for example. If it goes down that pipe, you don’t ever want it to come back up, but a leaky sewer pipe can wreak havoc behind your walls and under your lawn. And while sewer lines will generally last a long time, gradual wear-and-tear, accidents, and even encroaching tree roots can cut their shelf-life short. That’s a big problem, because sewer repair costs can easily run thousands of dollars. (While the U.S.T.F.I.R.E.T. is tax-payer funded. Or would be, if it existed. Which it doesn’t.)

But your sewer isn’t the only reason you might need some high-quality plumbing services on speed-dial. Common, unobtrusive leaks can lead to some highly obtrusive spikes in your monthly water bill. Studies have shown that, on average, about 27% of all household toilets leak at least a little bit. Even that slow drip in your faucet could waste upwards of 3,000 gallons of water every year.

So what can you do about it?

Inspecting your sewers once a year (or every six months if your lines are 10 years old or older) is a great way to prevent damage from happening or to minimize damage that is currently happening. Most plumbing services can help you out with this, or point you towards the people to call.

As for those pesky leaks, prompt action is key. Don’t ignore it, get something done. (If the U.S.T.F.I.R.E.T. ignored every little blip that seemed insignificant, we’d have been colonized back in the early 1950s, thank you very much.) And it also helps to familiarize yourself with all the places in your home that might leak, so you can make a thorough check every time.

Case in point: when was the last time you checked your water heater for leaks? A water heater leak can be every bit as costly as a faucet leak, and sometimes even more so, since a water heater tank refills automatically. One solution is tankless water heater installation. Tankless heaters eliminate the need to have a huge reservoir of water sitting around and are over 20% more energy efficient than old-fashioned tank heaters. Two birds with one tankless stone.

Just as certain shadowy and probably-nonexistent government agencies are keeping watch over the skies, you should keep watch over your home’s pipes. Regular inspections by a reputable plumbing service, along with vigilance and quick action when there is a problem, can keep your pipes flowing smoothly and safely for all mankind.

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