Creative Uses for Recycled Wooden Pallets

Pallets are used all over the world to ship products to retail stores. Hardwood pallets can also be used in different ways to decorate a home or create low-cost furniture.

You can find hardwood pallets at most large chain retailers.

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To get your hands on hardwood pallets, call your local grocer or large chain retail store. Some retailers will have a pallet recycling program while others may simply throw pallets away. You can often get pallets for a small fee or in some cases for free. Pallets have become so popular for DIY items you can buy painted pallets from furniture retailers like Wayfair or moving companies like Uline.

Pallets can be left intact and create furniture like bed frames, wall mounts, and ramps, or you can take pallets apart to create coolers, kids’ toys, and dog beds. Pallets look great and make it easy to create large structures because of their size and build. The pallet DIY trend started with platform bed frames and easy-to-make shelves.

Check out this great video to see 50 creative ways to create cheap and low-cost items for your home and garden using wooden pallets.

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