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Basement Waterproofing Contractors Can Help You Protect Your Home Investment

Repairing cracks in foundation

The small piles of pea size hail still spotted yards the next morning.
The most recent line of spring storms stretched all the way from your daughter’s college in Austin, Texas, to your home in Chicago, Illinois. And for once unfortunately, the weather forecasts were correct. After a week of weather hype predicting everything form tornadoes, to hail, to record rainfalls, and straight line winds for the last few days of month of April 2016, the predictions came true. Tornadoes touched down in the states of Texas and Kansas, hail fell in varying amounts across five different states, and streets flooded as two inches of rain fell within an hour in some of the locations along the storm’s path.
Although your area did not have the damaging winds or tornadoes that attacked many areas, the amount of rain that has fallen in the last 48 hours is alarming. Looking out the window, you see puddles of standing water not only on the baseball field behind your house, but in several locations throughout your yard as well. Every time you watch the rainfall totals from another spring storm, you are thankful that you took the time to work with a basement waterproofing contractor when you first built your house. While other neighbors are attempting to figure out how to fix basement leaks, you rest easy in the knowledge that the water proofing solutions you selected are working.
Your neighbors are not so lucky. A few hours after you went to bed last night, you received a phone call saying that your neighbor needed help. Water had entered their basement and they wondered if you would be willing to help move some furniture upstairs so that they could avoid even more damage. Their carpet was already soaked, but they thought that they could salvage most of their furniture if things could be moved quickly enough.
A Wet Basement Is Every Home Owner’s Nightmare
The services of basement waterproofing contractors are worthwhile preventative measures in areas that are known for flash floods and record rainfalls. In fact, with the extreme weather that many locations across the country are experiencing, foundation sealing and home waterproofing is a good idea anywhere, especially for homes with basements.
In addition to the services of a basement waterproofing contractor, homes in many areas of the country also install sump pumps. Located beneath the floor of the foundation, submersible sump pumps are a worthwhile investment in that they can last five to 15 years. Pedestal sump pumps, a model used in many regions of the U.S. usually last 25 to 30 years, especially if they are installed properly and kept free of surrounding debris. Since nearly 98% of all homes with basements will experience some kind of water damage, it is important that home owners be diligent about home waterproofing work and other preventative measures. Calling a waterproofing expert is the first step to making sure that your home does not suffer damage in the next set of spring storms.

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