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With hurricane season upon us is your home prepared for the winds and rain?

For many individuals in Florida, one of the biggest concerns for homeowners is hurricane season. With twisted wins and rain, hurricanes can dump more than 2.4 trillion gallons of water in a single day. Most people don’t like it when a water bottle spills on their rug, imagine gallons of water coming through your windows? This is the reason that hurricane proof doors and hurricane proof windows are a must if you live in an area that is at high risk of hurricane season and its potential to knock out your home and create chaos and damage in its wake. If you are in fact one of these people than searching “window companies near me” might just need to be one of your very first stops before rain can pulverize your home.

What are some hurricane glass windows?
A hurricane proof window would be along the lines of high impact glass windows. These windows can withstand the heavy rains and winds that come along with storms. Bringing winds that can be around 100 miles an hour, a heavy impact window or door is exactly what you need to with stand a high impact storm. Many window manufactures in Florida specialize in this type of high impact glass simply due to the fact that homeowners find it imperative to install within their homes.

If you live in Florida and you don’t have some type of contingency in mind about what to do when these giant storms come your way, you did not think out moving to Florida very well. These storms are serious. Even condos in the Florida area are required to under go inspections every 40 years to make sure they are up to codes and will be able to handle the impacts of these major and life threatening storms.

For example, a hurricane Irma is one of the worst storms that Florida has seen in years. It left 60% of the population within Barbuda homeless, held seven trillion watts of energy, and had 185 mile and hour winds! Searching window companies near me could save you from this same unlucky fate and protect your home from any further damage that could occur. 185 mile an hour winds are nothing to joke about, they have the capability to cause damage that is irreversible.

So before you go through a hurricane season with the risk of damage to your home do yourself a favor and look for window companies near me and make sure your home is protected from the storms that have the potential to destroy the things that you have worked so hard to build. We understand how important your home and protecting it is, replacing your windows is a necessity that is just too important to risk.

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