What Hardware Do You Need for a Phone System Installation?

A phone system is one of the most essential equipment in your office or business. You may wonder what hardware you need to install your VoIP phone system. This video shows what hardware you require for your phone system installation.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a way to connect calls over the internet instead of using a regular telephone line. This allows you to save money on long-distance charges and move your phone service from place to place without having to pay expensive termination fees.

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If you plan to do a phone system installation at your home or office, you’ll need a modem to convert digitized audio signals into analog signals and back again. An analog modem requires a telephone connection to the internet, whereas a digital modem connects via cable. To get started, you’ll need a router to direct phone calls within your local area network (LAN). You can opt for a wireless router or a traditional wired router. You’ll also need an ethernet switch to connect multiple devices to your LAN. Finally, you’ll buy a minimum of three ethernet cables to connect each device to the switch.


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