What Exterminators Do For Cockroach Infestations

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Exterminators can rid houses of a variety of pests including mice, rats, termites, ants, and many more. This video details an exterminator’s battle with a cockroach infestation that has taken over a home.

The first thing the exterminator does is evaluate the severity of the infestation. Cockroaches are nocturnal, and most people will only see evidence of their existence. Small black pellets (the cockroach’s feces) are indicative of a cockroach infestation.

The case in the video is very severe. The cockroaches are walking around during the day, and the owner states that the floors move if you go into the kitchen at night. It’s a terrible situation for anyone to live in.

The lifecycle of the cockroach is about three months. In that time, female cockroaches will lay thousands of eggs. The hoards of eggs grow the infestation exponentially. The only way to exterminate the pests is through the use of poison. Crushing the insects won’t destroy the eggs.

The poison the exterminator uses is very sweet to the cockroach. It lures them out of their dark hideouts and kills them after ingestion. The other cockroaches will then feed on the corpses of their dead brethren, becoming poisoned and dying themselves.

For more information on how this exterminator cleared the house of cockroaches, watch the video above.

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