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Top Reasons to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can cause major problems for your home. Whether it is mold or structural damage, water damage needs to be avoided as much as possible. If you can’t avoid it, you should make sure that you have basement water damage insurance to help you pay for the basement restoration after the flood. Water restoration can be very expensive and involve a lot of different things. However, it also can’t be ignored. So, if you don’t have insurance, you might end up spending a lot of money out of pocket for the repairs.

Practice basement flood mitigation to avoid as much damage as possible. Make sure that the basement is waterproof. Check the foundation and do any basement ceiling repair that is necessary. While this won’t prevent all of the potential damage a flood could bring, it can help to lessen the impact. If there is less water getting into the house, it can’t do as much damage. So, do everything you can to mitigate the damage before it is too late.

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Floods are serious business and can cause serious damage to your property. Floods are the largest natural disaster and 90% of natural disasters declared by the President of the United States is flood related. That means floods can happen anytime and just about anywhere. You do not need to live near the ocean to feel the effects of floods. Streams, lakes, and rivers can all flood, leaving devastating results. Here are five facts about floods and water damage.

1. Drywall sitting half an inch of water can absorb up nearly 6 inches of water in just a few hours. This interior water damage can go unnoticed.

2. Mold can begin to grow as quickly as 24 hours if a moist environment is not sufficiently treated. Mold can be dangerous and very difficult to remove. Not to mention costly. Mold can quickly climb walls and be spread with ventilation systems. And you may not even know it is there. Mold removal is time-consuming and often requires replacing structure and walls.

3. A house of 2,000 square feet with 12 inches of interior water damage could cost more than $50,000. Dry wall or ceiling panels may need to be replaced. Mold may need to be removed. Not to mention removing the water itself. All these tasks add up and can be very costly to replace.

4. 20% of all insurance claims relate to home water damage. Flooding can happen just about anywhere. Burst pipes or leaking water heaters can cause damage. Natural disasters and flash floods can come on quickly with unavoidable destruction. All of these add up to 20% of insurance claims across the country.

5. Flash floods can deliver walls of water up to 20 feet tall. Strong storms can deliver torrential rains. Vulnerable areas, such as low-lying areas or areas that have recently received a lot of rain, can quickly flood. Homes in these areas should be prepared.

Flood insurance can be especially beneficial for homes in low-lying or vulnerable areas. But those are not the only ones affected by floods. Burst pipes can cause floods and broken water heaters can certainly put some water on the ground. Interior water damage can be caused by an improper water leak repair. Water damage can be costly and dangerous if not properly treated. Protect yourself and your home with flood insurance and detected early with water leak detection.

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