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Tips For Choosing A Radon Testing Company

Have you cared to think about the safety of the air we breathe in? Do you think it is 100% percent safe? Or does the availability of air purifiers and filters give you confidence that you are breathing in safe and pure air? It is high time you really give some serious thought to radon gas levels in your home. Close to 15 homes in the United States have radon gas levels at or over the recommended EPA action level. This poses a challenge due to the harmful nature of the gas. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon Generals’ Office estimated that at least 20 000 lung cancer deaths every year are caused by radon gas. This high number alone gives you the reason to seek radon testing and mitigation companies. You can do radon testing and inspection on your own, or seek a reliable radon testing company to help you minimize the radon gas levels. According to scientists, minimizing radon levels not to exceed the required EPA’S action level will reduce lung cancer deaths by 2%-4%, which is close to 5,000 deaths. However, this will only happen if you seek quality radon gas testing services. Below are factors to put into consideration when looking for a radon testing company.

Experience Is Key

You need a radon testing company that understands every aspect of radon testing and abatement. The company should guarantee to minimize the levels of this dangerous gas significantly. To confirm the company’s experience level, you can determine how long it has been in existence offering its services. Ensure it has a group of qualified radon testing experts. These are the individuals who will quickly test for this gas to give the best radon mitigation interventions. In that connection, you are guaranteed to get value for your money.

Legal compliance

The legitimacy of the radon testing company ought not to be questionable at all. It has to be operating within the rules and regulations set by relevant authorities. This means the company should have a license and be doing what is recommended of it according to the law. Working with such a radon testing company will give you the confidence to get the best services. You are likely to avoid falling prey to fraudulent companies whose sole intention is to rob customers. So, stay woke and find out if the company is legally compliant before you make your choice.

Variety of Services

A radon testing company that offers other services such as radon inspection, mitigation, and abatement services will really save you a lot of time. You are able to get important services all at once. You no longer have to work with different companies if you can get all those essential radon testing and mitigation services from one company. This will save you on time and also ensure you get the best services. Furthermore, the cost might even be significantly low.


Radon testing and mitigation services are very essential in many homes. Truth be told, not many households are familiar with the levels of radon gas in their houses. The high levels may potentially be the reasons why many family members are having health complications. It is very important to hire a radon testing company to determine the radon gas EPA action levels in your home. If the levels are very high, you ought to seek mitigation services to reduce this gas in your home. This is a process that always requires a reliable radon testing and mitigation company. Even though there are a number of radon mitigation companies in the market, you must be very careful when making your choice. Look at the company’s experience, consult from previous clients, determine if the company is legally compliant, and assess the quality of services being offered. You have to see the benefit of spending a considerable amount of money on radon inspection and mitigation services.

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