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Three Reasons Your HOA Needs a Professional Lighting Service

If you need to maintain an outdoor space, you want to have the right outdoor lighting service to take care of your needs. There are many landscape lighting benefits, but to really enjoy the outdoor landscaping, your HOA should consider hiring a professional outdoor lighting service to do things right. Here are four things that an outdoor lighting service can do for you.

  1. They can save you money with new LED lighting fixtures. Whatever type of lighting system your HOA already has in place, you can save money by converting it all to new, energy-saving LED lights. LED lamps burn for far longer the traditional bulbs and need much less maintenance. They also use far less energy: as much as 90% less than traditional incandescent lighting. In fact, LED lighting will only use about 15% of the energy a halogen light bulb uses, while providing as much as 85% more output of light.
  2. They can put in new lighting entirely. If your landscaped areas are not already covered with good outdoor lighting, it’s about time to get some. NAHB’s annual survey, entitled “What Home Buyers Really Want,” found that 41% of those surveyed considered exterior lighting to be an essential or a must-have feature for their home and community. Almost 70% of homeowners want to use their outdoor spaces for relaxation, and the right lighting is key. The right outdoor lighting service can custom design landscape lighting to meet the specific needs of your community. A new lighting design can make all the difference to your landscaping, and lighting designs can be about improving what exists, making it more likely that people will use outdoor spaces, increasing the safety of everyone in the community, or just blowing everyone away with the beauty of the area.
  3. Outdoor lighting service can maintain your lights properly. The lights that you put outdoors are a huge investment and a great benefit to the community. They make spaces more inviting and more secure. However, outdoor lighting is a system that has to be maintained in order to function properly. Landscaping grows, and lighting may need to be adjusted in order to accommodate taller trees, fuller bushes, or the addition of new walkways. Even the best lamps and bolts will eventually fail and need to be replaced. Storms and heavy snowfall can cause damage that needs to be fixed. Landscapers may move or damage certain parts of the outdoor lighting system, which will then need to be reinstalled correctly. An outdoor lighting service can provide regular maintenance so that none of this things are anything that your HOA has to worry about.

Whether you need to light one or two homes, or a whole block, finding the right outdoor lighting services is key to a good result. Exterior lighting installation can make all the difference in aesthetics and safety, so make sure it’s done right.

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