Three DIY Home Decor Ideas You Will Love Using

Diy home decor

DIY decorating is the perfect way to transform your living spaces, while still keeping on a reasonable budget. Sometimes thinking up ideas for how to reuse objects or make something cheap look valuable is hard to do, however, so here are some DIY home decor ideas you can use in your own home, or pass along to others.

First, did you ever think of salt as a decorative agent? This is a perfect project because it looks classy, yet is dirt cheap to reproduce. Find three tall glass containers, such as the type you can purchase at any dollar or discount store. Fill each container halfway with white sand. Find some non leafy branches in the backyard and clean them off in the sink. I recommend painting them brown or black. Stick one or two into each pile of salt. The result is a tastefully modern arrangement perfect for kitchen tables or floating shelves.

Two, repaint your shelves, but get a little experimental with it. Some of the best DIY home decor ideas are just about using paint in unexpected ways. If your shelves have a recessed section, paint the recessed area one color, and the rest of the drawers another. Experiment with using bold colors in order to put some pop in your kitchen or bathroom. Remember to use painting tape to outline your projects so that bleeding does not occur.

Three, one of my favorite DIY home decor ideas is the homemade wine bottle candle. Have you ever seen wine bottles at fancy restaurants that have layers of candle wax built up around them, looking both kitsch and romantic at the same time? Either buy a wine with a nice label, or scrub off the old one before progressing. Use tapered candles to begin with, since they will stick in the top nicely. Alternate candle colors for a more colorful display.

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