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Three Common Window Problem and How to Fix Them

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Windows provide a home with wonderful views and strong protection. Unfortunately, there are instances where windows don’t work the way they used to. There are many problems that can happen to windows within a home. Learning about potential warning signs can help you from the damage caused by broken windows. The last thing a homeowner wants is busted glass all over their home. In addition, a home without windows can mean any person or animal could find their way inside the opening. In this post, you will learn common window problems and what needs to be done.

Window is Hard to Open or Close

Difficulties with opening and closing are most noticeable with double hung windows. However, almost any window type can have problems closing and opening properly. When windows are hard to move, it usually means that swelling has taken place. Swelling often happens with wooden windows. Recent temperature changes are usually the culprit of changes in how your windows open. In some cases, the swelling will go away once the weather changes. However, it’s best to have a high-quality windows service ensure there are no major foundation problems occurring. Casement windows that have this problem probably need to have the tracks cleaned.

Water Droplets Forming at Bottom of Window

Condensation is commonly seen on windows at some point. If you are noticing this condensation is always present, a problem may be taking place. You don’t want your entry windows to be blocked out with condensation. In addition, condensation can become a major problem. One study finds that instances of water damage cost, on average, $2,386 to fix while standing water removal is costlier. Taking care of condensation problems could mean avoiding major water damage in the future. Condensation is usually a sign the windows seal have become compromised. It’s best to have a high-quality windows service get to the root of your condensation problem. These experts will be able to find and fix the exact cause of extensive condensation.

Air Escaping Through the Window

The feeling of a drafty room is often because of the rooms windows. The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that you can save about $500 a year by replacing windows with Energy Star models. Certain homeowners may want to utilize custom windows for their home. Making the choice to have more efficient windows installed will provide you with major energy savings. A high-quality windows service will work to ensure your windows are suited to your needs. One study finds that about $350 per year is wasted on heating and cooling that escapes through leaks in the home. Having more efficient windows means never having to worry about rooms that are never the right temperature again.

In closing, there are several warning signs your windows will give you. Ensuring any problems are fixed by a high-quality windows service is a must. Picture windows to custom ones may all run into problems at some point. Having difficulties opening or shutting your windows usually means that swelling has occurred. If you’ve seen condensation appearing on windows, you might be dealing with worn out seals. It’s important to note if condensation is forming on the interior or exterior of your windows. Seeing condensation in the center of a window, only out the inside could mean you have a gas leak. No matter which window problems you’re having, calling a high-quality windows service is a wise idea.

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