The Loveseat: A Minimalist’s Tool in a Micro-Design World

This is a love letter to the loveseat, also known a British two-seater or two-seat couch. It has existed since before the Victorian era, yet feels a little underappreciated today. This compact couch deserves a big resurgence in popularity today due to its versatility and style. Consider some of the myriad of uses for a loveseat below.

Matching furnishing for trendy little hotels.

A recent trend in hotels and hospitality is making micro-spaces that encourage people to get out into their surroundings, with the minimal time inside their room reserved for sleep and relaxation. A smaller room calls for smaller functional hotel furniture, where a loveseat would be perfect.

Efficient sleep space for hipster rentals.

Various apps, like Airbnb and Couchsurfing, have caused a revolution of informal hospitality. Often times these rental spaces are small and focused on efficiency. A loveseat would be perfect in these highly trendy spaces. Sleeping chairs or a commercial sofa bed are obvious options, but a commercial sleeper loveseat is actually an excellent choice, too. It may not be a queen sleeper sofa, but it’ll get the job done for a single person or children and then fold up into uninvasive seating.

Affordable comfort for a tiny college dorm or apartment.

Anyone who has lived in a college dorm room or a first cheap apartment knows that floor space is precious. A loveseat is not only great for small-space seating, a sleeper loveseat is a great choice for single folks in dorms or apartments, especially studio-style spaces. Also, college life is expensive; the National Retail Federation estimates that furniture sales during back-to-school shopping season reach around $6.23 billion. A convertible loveseat is a much more affordable option than buying both a large couch and a bed with a mattress with all the furnishings.

Convertible convenience for small living spaces.

In the same vein as micro-hotel rooms and small dorms, some people live in small spaces, but actively choose to do so. More people are in need of smaller, multi-functional furniture following modern minimalistic trends, such as those choosing to live in ‘tiny houses’ or efficiency spaces. A loveseat, especially a sleeper loveseat, is an obviously convenient choice for those who don’t want to completely give up the luxury of a couch.

Small spaces don’t need to feel cramped. Choose comfortable and versatile options in furnishings and they will always feel cozy.

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