The Advantages of Using Low VOC Paints

A good paint job transforms your home within a few hours. A fresh coat of paint can make your home feel as good as new. However, besides revamping your home’s appearance, there is more to paint than meets the eye. Recently, technology has seen the invention of air cleaning paints, which add to the many benefits of house painting. Here are some of the reasons why you might consider painting your home this year — and why you might want to use low VOC paints to do it.

  1. Increase Your Home’s Value
    Are you looking to sell your home? High-quality paint could help you negotiate a better deal. Choose colors that make your house stand out and complement the space perfectly, whether it be inside or out. You’ll want to choose a color scheme and stick to it.
  2. Remove Noticeable Stains
    Paint can hide stains. As such, all marks and stains can disappear leaving your house looking as good as new. A professional house painting company will apply a fresh coat of paint and cover all the stains.
  3. Increase Homeowner Satisfaction
    After a new paint job, your home feels refreshing and more comfortable. Therefore, you can feel a positive energy flow, which is good for your mental health. When you feel better about the space you’re in, you’re automatically going to feel happier overall.
  4. Protect Surfaces
    Paint is especially crucial to wooden surfaces. Wood is a biological material. Therefore, it is affected by many factors such as UV rays, dust, and humidity. Bacterial and bugs can as well lead to the degradation of wood. However, paint offers protection (especially when used with a primer).
  5. Purify the Air
    The air in our homes and offices can be toxic. This toxicity can be attributed to VOCs from all sorts of materials, from building components to products we use every day. Thanks to technology, you can now use air cleaning paint to clean up the atmosphere.

How Do Air Purifying Paints Work?

Air purifying paints get rid of VOCs present in indoor air. Instead of adding VOCs to the indoor atmosphere, these paints contain no harmful chemicals. These air cleaning paints can be used in various settings, including offices and homes.

There is a wide range of air purifying finishes to choose from. These include atmosphere purifying paints, interior passivating primer, and EMR shielding paint.

When to Start Painting

There are no rules when it comes to repainting your home or office. The frequency depends on factors such as climate, quality of paint, and how well your surface was prepped for the paint job. In case your painter did a lousy job, you might need to repaint after three years. However, if all factors were right, your paint job can last up to 20 years. Things like chipped paint and water damage are signs that you need a new paint job.

Color Selection

When you decide to start painting, get an eco-friendly paint and remember to choose the right colors. The paint is an expression of your personality, so don’t take any chances. For inspiration, you can drive around your city and look for homes that catch your attention. Of course, you can play around, but color matching is essential. Interestingly, many people are inclined towards neutral color palettes.

Another factor to consider is the room or surface being painted. For instance, while choosing paint for a nursery, it would be best if you settled for subtle colors. If you want your baby’s crib to have a more natural finish, you can go for a stain. With other rooms like the living room, bold colors would not hurt.

Test Before Painting

Having invested in good air cleaning paints, you would feel disappointed if they don’t look like they did in the advertisement. To avoid disappointment, pick a few options, try them on your wall then settle on one based on the results.

Is Low VOC Paint the Way to Go?

When advocating for the use of eco-friendly products, ditching high VOC paints could be the first step. Although VOCs make the paint easier to spread, they have adverse effects on our health. On the other hand, low VOC paints have an edge since they are odorless and thus are suitable for allergic people. Moreover, they won’t present health risks to any member of your home while performing just as well as high VOC paints. When you consider the benefits, the choice is clear.

Are you planning to revamp your home soon? Try air cleaning paints and witness comfortability on a new level.

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