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The 5 Different Mosaic Tile Patterns

Mosaic pool tiles

There are many different types of mosaic tiles out there. Mosaic and glass tiles are great choices for if you are looking to better yourself and your home. Spa resorts use these tiles and you could use them too in order to make your house and home look great.

But once you’ve decided that you want mosaic glass wall tiles, you’ll realize that there are many to choose from. First, you can pick between kitchen backsplash tiles, shower wall tiles, mosaic pool tiles and more. Then, you also have to know which type of mosaic tile patterns you would like. To help you decide, here is a list of 5 different mosaic tile patterns and designs.

  1. Ceramic Tiles
    First, we have ceramic tiles. These tiles are easy to find as they are in fact mass produced. That means they are also pretty cheap since there are so many of them. Adding to that, they are also easy to manipulate. You want to be careful with this type of tile as it is fairly delicate. It is easy to crack or break this tile when holding it. That said, that can also be seen as a strength. That makes the tile very easy to handle and use for crafts or for design. In addition, the variety of colors in this type of tile is nearly endless.
  2. Organic Tiles
    Next, we have organic tiles. These types of tiles are actually a combination of several different kinds of other tiles that. This production process leads to the interesting designs and looks of the tiles. Specifically, organic tiles are made from different materials such as basalt, marble and limestone. That said, these tiles can be a bit of a mixed bag due to their creation. The different kinds of tiles can lead to very different looks and applications for the the created tile.
  3. Smalti Glass Tiles
    The next type of tile on our list of mosaic tile patterns is the smalti glass tile. These are perhaps the most expensive on this list of mosaic tile patterns, though the price varies depending on the quality of the specific tiles. This type of tile comes in one of 2 styles. That could be either the light and reflective style or the gold and silver style. Gold and silver is pretty self-explanatory with gold and silver placed in between glass sheets. This makes for a very regal looking tile.
  4. Creative Tiles
    Creative tiles are somewhat like organic tiles in that they are created by combining different kinds of materials. Specifically, with creative tiles you can combine tiles such as broken china or glass with marbles and create a beautiful mosaic tile. That said, because of that there is great variety in the type of tile you can find and buy. Part of that is good and part is bad. You can find all kinds of unique tiles, but you may not find enough for your project that will look similar. That said, this could be a great DIY project for yourself to do.
  5. Vitreous Glass Tiles
    Our last tile on the list is the vitreous glass tile. While the other tiles can be very bright and colorful, this one can be very one noted. That said, this one noted style is very sleek and fashionable. You can see it often in spa retreats and official settings. If that’s the style you are looking for, you may have in fact found it in the vitreous glass tile. That said, there are restrictions that come with it like the fact that it’s best for flooring rather than for walls and that you usually have to buy them in bulk. Those are just more factors you have to consider before buying this type of mosaic tile.

There are many different kinds of mosaic tiles out there. These mosaic tiles are in fact just 5 of the different types and styles you can choose from. That said, these types of tiles are classics and are widely popular (for good reason). Look into these styles and consider them for your next project. They look good and they will make you feel good in your newly designed room and home.

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