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Terrazzo Flooring and What it can do for Your Home

Home improvements are a great way to make your home look fresh. You can do simple updates like painting or something larger like installing new flooring or improving the current floor.

Wood flooring refinishing is a great way to spruce up a home while keeping the original build intact. If you often ask yourself, “how do you stop squeaky floors?” then it may be in your best interest to redo your old flooring and fix up that squeaky section.

Floor refinishing can be a relatively inexpensive update, but how much does it cost to raise a floor? Older homes have lower living room floor styles. Raising that section may add costs to your update, but it is worth the price. You may want to look into how much does it cost to redo your floors completely, as there are other options like laminate or tile.

You may also ask yourself, “how do you get scratches out of laminate flooring?” Removing scratches from laminate is actually quite easy by using fillers, polish, or replacement pieces. New flooring will always change and update the look of your home, especially when the flooring is scratched or old.

We are at the apex of an emerging trend in home updating, especially when it comes to tile restoration. In 2011, two thirds of remodeling jobs incorporated hard materials into the floor. Lately, carpet has been taking a back seat to wood, stone, and the terrazzo restoration Tampa homeowners demand. Few hard materials are more luxurious or sought after these days than terazzo. Terazzo, much like a Jaguar or an in-ground pool, informs the world that you’ve “arrived.”
Wait, what exactly is terrazzo?
Terrazzo is a composite building material usually cast using a combination of glass, granite, quartz, marble chips, and epoxy resin. It can be cast in many different colors, designs, and shapes, and gives the floor the effect of looking like solid granite or luxurious marble (without the attached weight or price tag).
Who invented this geniusness?!
Believe it or not, this now-luxurious flooring terrazzo material was invented by the Venetians over 1000 years ago as a cheap way to re-use the marble and granite chips left over from building jobs. Originally, terrazzo consisted of chippings set in clay and held together with goat’s milk. Terrazzo cleaning used to involve a pain-staking process of hand-polishing all the luminous surfaces. After the 1920s, terrazzo production and terrazzo cleaning got easier with the invention of electric-power tools.

terrazzo material

What exactly are the benefits of terrazzo for my home?
Well for one thing, terrazzo is undeniably gorgeous. Just, go Google it now and tell us that you don’t want that in your home. But it’s not only beautiful, it’s sustainable. A terrazzo material floor contains a majority of recycled materials that otherwise would just sit in landfills. Things like glass, hard stone, rock, and synthetic polymers that you, by buying a terrazzo floor, are making useful again!
Yeah but, isn’t it a pain to clean? I can’t imagine a Swiffer will do terrazzo justice!
Terrazzo cleaning is not as scary as you think it is, and doesn’t require the use of harsh or expensive chemicals. In fact, we strongly advise against this! The best way to clean terrazzo floors is with an organic mixture of one-third white vinegar and two-thirds water. That’s it. If you approach terrazzo tile cleaning with Fabuloso’s special ammonia and acid mix, you’ll prematurely degrade and dull your beautiful floor, just as acid rain and air pollutants dull these materials on the exteriors of buildings.
Alternatively, you could leave terrazzo cleaning to the professionals once in a while. In addition to having the right sort of organic mixtures on hand, they’ll also come armed with specialized polishing and waxing tools that will get your terrazzo tiles looking shiny and new again.
What’s the price tag on terrazzo?
We are so lucky to live in the digital age. Nowadays, there are dozens of cost calculators if you’re planning on embarking on a remodeling job. But let’s save you the trouble of looking for a middle man. Generally, the actual flooring of a 12′ by 12′ room will range somewhere between $315 and $450.
The labor however can run you as little as $600 to as high as $1000. There may also be supplemental materials like the epoxy and specialized equipment usage involved, which may add another few dollars. Altogether, you could be looking at $1500 per a room, or an average cost per square foot of around $12. Quality indicators to look out for include the design and shine of the tile, the thickness of the tile, and the chemicals used in the glue-down process (not to mention the customer service, speed, and professionalism of your contractors). The terrazzo restoration Tampa homeowners look for allow for the tile floor to look good for many years.
Let the world know you’ve arrived.
Let them know it with every step into your home. One ancient Venetian’s trash is the modern homeowner’s treasure, and as soon as someone steps into your house, they’ll know it.

Window shades and blinds on sale

When going through the cost of a floor remodel with a terrazzo material, remember to upgrade the window shades and even things like throw pillows. You do not want your new floor to be in sharp contrast with the rest of your home decor. Switching out the window shades from something fresher and matching the color of the terrazzo material is an inexpensive way to give your home a new look. Finding window shades and blinds on sale should be the first step after the replacement of floors.

There are new technologies in windows and shades that are also worth looking into. With the increase in technology it is now possible to have home automation and smart home systems at a fraction of the cost an automated smart house was even five years ago. Connecting your windows and shades to your automated smart house panel can allow you to adjust the amount of light being let it from your smart phone. Home automation and smart home systems can even allow you to pull the window shades when you are not even at home.

Since you are already investing in the luxurious terrazzo material for your floors, make sure you also find window shades and blinds on sale in order to fully complement your home’s new look.

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