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Slash Your Energy Bills By 10% Or More Getting Your HVAC Serviced Before Summer

Taking care of your home is tough work. It’s even tougher when the whole place seems to backfire on you.

A toilet backing up and flooding all over your bathroom floor, an HVAC system that refuses to turn on in the heat of summer…it seems to be neverending. Instead of trying to fix it all yourself, consider turning to a commercial plumber. No, it’s not fun having to set up an appointment and do a last minute clean of the home. It’s going to still pay off mightily when you pinpoint the source of all your problems. Whether it’s a leaking pipe or an outdated ventilation system, your commercial plumber will have answers.

Let’s take a look at the most common household problems today and how you can go about fixing them for good.

A Failing HVAC System Should Be Swapped Out

Does your HVAC system keep shutting off…or refusing to turn on at all? You might need to swap it out for a better model. Air conditioning units last between 10 to 15 years, though they’ll start to show their age after they pass the decade mark. Two-thirds of all homes in the United States today have air conditioners, though only some of them are actually saving money. AC repair services will help immensely in getting everything in order. They’ll determine if it’s a leaky duct or simple age causing your HVAC system to misbehave.

High Energy Bills Should Still Be Looked At

Still not sure your energy bills will be improving for the better? You should continue looking at your heating and cooling systems. An improper installation could be to blame for bills that never seem to quit — a recent study found installing an HVAC system improperly can decrease your heating and cooling efficiency by 30%. Commercial plumbers are not just good at patching up your sink and toilet, but addressing all areas of the home. Would you rather hope for things to get better or know for sure?

A Toilet That Constantly Backs Up Should Be Fixed

Nothing is more infuriating than a toilet that refuses to flush. When it spills out onto the floor it can also cause a health hazard, as moisture can seep through the cracks and cause mold. Common contributions to a leaky toilet include cracks in the foundation or an overtaxed system. A commercial plumber can take a deeper look at your home and see what’s causing the spill. You can even ask them about installing a brand new toilet, if you’ve been considering energy-efficient home renovations.

A Leak That Never Quits Should Be Reversed Immediately

You might not think much of a leak now, but it can cost you some serious green. Studies have shown 10% of homes today have leaks that waste nearly 100 gallons of water a day. These can appear in your bathtub, your sink, or beneath your home’s foundation with you none the wiser. Fixing these easily corrected household leaks can slash 10% or more off your monthly bills. When you call a plumber you can ask them about how to fix leaks and how to prevent them.

A Commercial Plumber Should Be Deferred To

There’s no shame in trying to solve a problem on your own. The issue with that, however, is you leave the door open to making things worse. Instead of attempting an emergency patch-up job when things are messy, ask your commercial plumber for a helping hand. AC repair services can make sure your HVAC is up and running within the day, right alongside providing energy conservation tips. They can also look at other commercial electrical issues to ensure you don’t have anything else to worry about.

Live a worry-free 2019. Talk to an experienced electrician or commercial plumber before things get worse.

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