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Signs that You Need a New Water Heater

During winter, are electric hot water heaters efficient, cabinet style water heater, or a 110 gallon hot water heater beneficial for your household to combat health issues that arise during the cold season. Warm water is essential during this time for bathing, washing, and also drinking.

Therefore, do a water heater trouble shoot before approaching the winter season to ascertain if you need a water heater repair. In case of any maintenance and repairs, you can do it beforehand to ensure you enjoy your winter with a warm bath and a glass of hot water without interruptions.

During winter, your water heater is absolutely useful to ensure you don’t run into problems when you need it the most. Doing the following will help- check your valve, and if the lever is not releasing water when you lift, replace the valve. Additionally, check sediment buildup, which contributes to a higher percentage of shortening your water heater lifespan. Drain your tank to flush out dirt that has settled at the bottom of the tank. Open the drain valve and let the water run slowly until the water is clear and free from any sediments.

Modern water heaters are easy to use, safe, and convenient. You only turn it on immediately after installation, and you have hot water flowing from your hot water tank. It is easier than filling pots with water from the tap water, then heating using a cooker, in order to bathe using a bucket after a long time. Embrace this modern amenity and enjoy efficiency and comfort.

As the weather gets colder, most people become more reliant on the availability of warm water. From warming up in a hot bath to the multiple hand washings to combat cold and flu season, warm water is an essential this time of year.

Because of this, it is important to ensure that your water heater has the ability to keep up with all of your winter needs. Here are a few signs that may mean you need to contact a plumbing service to help replace your water heater.

Know the Age of Your Water Heater

The age of your water heater can be a helpful indication on if you are in need of replacing it. Like most appliances, water heaters will become less efficient over time and will eventually need to be replaced.

The avarage age of a water heater is 10 to 15 years old. If you find that your water heater is past this age bracket or at least nearing it, you may want to start looking into a plumbing service that can help with water heater installation.

Keep on Eye out for Rusty Water

If you start to notice a change in the color of your water, such as a new rusty hue, it is likely time for a replacement. Rusty water is an indication that there is rust either in the water heater or its pipes.

Even though water heaters are made out of steel, which is a very strong material, they are not immune to rust. When you start to see rust in your water, it is a clear sign that you need to look into installing a water heater to replace your old one.

Listen to Your Water Heater

If you start to notice unusual sounds coming from your water heater, it could be a sign of sediment buildup. Like with rust, sediment buildup is a common problem that can occur in water tanks over time.

Sediment forms in the water tank as it constantly heats and reheats water. As the sediment hardens and grows thicker, it can eventually cause the water heater to leak or result in you finding muddy or sandy water in your faucet.

While it is possible to drain your water heater to get rid of the sediment, the problem may be best fixed by replacing the water heater. You can contact a plumbing service to get a professional drain cleaning, as well as asking for their help to decide what the best next step is for your water heater.

How Often do You Use Your Water Heater

A water heater that is frequently used will last for a shorter amount of time than one that does not get a whole lot of use. If you are living in a home with a large family that often uses hot water, the water heater will deteriorate at a much faster rate than it would in a space where only one person is using the water.

You may find that your need to install a water heater reflects your use of hot water. Because of this, you shouldn’t be surprised if your water heater of only eight years is showing signs of needing replaced if you are in a situation where it is getting a great deal of use.

Keep Track of the Amount of Repairs

While repairs are expected to be needed every now and then, it is a major red flag if water heater repairs become too common. Frequent repairs may be a sign that your water heater has simply ran its course and it is time to invest in a new one.

This can also be more cost effective because, while the initial cost may be more, a new water heater will save you money over time. While it may be hard to face, the time will come to replace your water heater with one that will work more efficiently.

Access to hot water is important any time of year, but especially so during the winter months. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your water heater is working efficiently and to contact a plumbing service when you run into problems.


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