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Safety First Elevator Repair and Maintenance

People may need to hire a lift repair company to help them fix either domestic or commercial elevators. A commercial elevator will almost always be used more often than a domestic elevator, although there are certainly variations in the use patterns in both of those environments.

Elevator repair can be somewhat complex. However, these systems still often use relatively old technology that’s been around for a while. Elevators themselves can last for as long as thirty years in a lot of cases, even if they are used all throughout the day and every day. The companies that need commercial elevator repair usually will not be told that they will have to get completely new elevators installed.

An entirely new commercial elevator can cost around sixty-five thousand dollars. People may actually spend less than two hundred dollars just getting those same elevators repaired, which helps to illustrate the fact that these are the sorts of versatile areas that tend to be less expensive to maintain than replace. People will also typically spend around two hundred dollars on the process of maintaining their elevators every year.

The domestic lift services will be similarly expensive to replace, although not as expensive. An elevator in service can truly last for a long time in any space.

“What goes up, must come down” is a familiar saying that brings peace of mind. Unless, that is, you’re in an elevator that isn’t doing either going up or coming down. Then it is time for elevator repair.

And although the thought of elevator repair is a comforting one, the need for elevator repair is really not the norm. Actually, statistics show that riding in elevators is a very safe way to get where you need to be. There are only one-third as many accidents in elevators as compared to escalators–even though the total number of elevators outnumbers escalators by twenty percent.

Basically, there are two types of elevators in use: a commercial elevator which would service a business building and elevators used in a home or apartment, known as residential lifts. At one point or another, both types will require elevator maintenance and elevator repair.

Is it time for you to find out about how to install residential lifts? You’re not alone. Each year, there are more than 10,000 residential elevators that are being installed. Elevator repair is a key component in choosing a residential elevator installation company.

Likewise, commercial elevator installation is a huge business, and requires professional elevator repair service. Look at the numbers: there are over 700,000 elevators in America, and most are located in buildings (residential, retail or commercial) with an average rise of 4-5 floors (40 feet). With that volume of elevators, an elevator safety company is often a viable alternative in elevator maintenance as well.

In terms of mechanics, there are two types of elevators that carry passengers. First, there are traction-driven elevators designed for reaching heights of 50 feet and above. And second, there are those which do not travel above 50 feet. These are called hydraulically-driven elevators.

Other types of elevators besides passenger elevators include personnel, home, freight and LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) elevators. The LULA elevators are gaining in popularity since they are great for low-rise buildings.

With five different kinds of elevators carrying thousands of passengers and tons of freight every day, it stands to reason that elevator repair and elevator maintenance are both fields of incredible importance. Similarly, an elevator safety company is also of prime importance and should be a key consideration. When it comes to elevator safety and security, there is no substitute for vigilance, care and upkeep.

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