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Preparing for Fall Cleaning Season

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Spring cleaning is a time for organizing and cleaning the home in preparation for the upcoming summer months. The fall is another common cleaning time for the home. Fall is upon us and so is fall cleaning and organizing. Fall is the perfect time for organizing and up keeping the home for many reasons. Children are returning to school, so it is a great time to go through closets and unwanted clothing items. Many household chores are neglected during the relaxing and carefree summer days. Summer brings a lot of dirt and dust, and the fall is the perfect time to clean it all. The following household tasks are perfect for fall cleaning time.

Organize all closets and bedrooms. The fall is the perfect time to go through unwanted clothing items, because you will be switching wardrobes to a warmer, fall option. Children will be going back to school shopping, making it a great time to go through older clothing items. The fall is also the perfect time to organize bedrooms and prepare them for upcoming school study sessions and busy sporting seasons. The unwanted clothing and bedroom items can be donated to a favorite charity in your city.

Dust the home. The summer brings a lot of dust and dirt into the home. Although your regular cleaning routine might include dusting, you have probably neglected places like behind the couch, behind the TV and high ceilings and walls. Long reached dusters can help you reach these difficult places.

Clean the filters in the home. Fall offers many property owners a break from using their HVAC systems. It is not quite warm enough to run the air conditioning anymore, yet it is also not quite cold enough to turn on the furnace for the first time. This is the perfect time to do preventative maintenance and air filter cleaning of the furnace. Once the weather gets colder, the furnace will be used regularly, pumping any sitting dust or allergens into the air.

Have the floors professionally cleaned. The fall is a great time for terrazzo polishing and terrazzo cleaning. The floors have probably accumulated months of summer dust and dirt being tracked in. It is also the perfect time for terrazzo floor polishing that may have been neglected in the summer months. The best way to clean terrazzo floors can be found by looking in your flooring owner?s manual. Terrazzo polishing and terrazzo restoration should be completed by a professional floor cleaning company.

In addition to terrazzo polishing, the fall is a great time to clean other floors, like tile cleaning and carpet cleaning. Recent investigations show that carpet cleaning reduces the amount of mite allergen in carpet by more than 90% with each carpet cleaning. Carpet should be cleaned a minimum of every 12 to 18 months in normal situations. Hardwood floors should be polished and repaired during this time, if needed.

The professional cleaning of these floors is not only good for looks and health, but it can also increase the life of the flooring and provide more return on investment. Regularly maintained and cleaned tile can last decades or even centuries. It is a good idea to schedule regular cleanings and upkeeps, such as every fall.

Fall is finally upon us. Many household chores and upkeep tasks have probably been put off over the carefree days of summer. The fall is the perfect transition of weather to complete these household chores and tasks. The fall is a great time to organize closets and donate unwanted clothing items, organize bedrooms, dust hard to reach places, have the HV AC unit serviced and the filters replaced and professional cleaning of the flooring. The professional cleaning of the floor, such as terrazzo polishing and carpet cleaning can reduce allergens and can increase the value of the home and the life of the flooring.

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