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Pool Renovation Tips

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Swimming is a great activity. The feel of the water across your skin on a hot day, the great exercise offered by taking a dip contribute to swimming being the 4th most popular activity in the United States. Swimming benefits the young and the old and everyone in between because it is easy on the joints and burns a great number of calories. But home pools require maintenance and renovations to keep that happy activity going. The chemicals, water, and outdoor conditions take their toll on your pool. Here are some pool renovations and maintenance suggestions.

1. Pool plaster. Pool plaster has a lifespan. After about 10-15 years, the plaster may begin to stain or you may see etching in it. That means it’s time to replace it. A pool renovations or pool resurfacing expert can reapply the plaster so you can be swimming again.

2. Pool liners. Just like pool plaster, the liners can only last so long. Liners in above ground pools will last 6-10 years, while inground pools will last 5-12 years. Since the liners are crucial to holding the 700,000 gallons of water found in an Olympic size pool, its best to keep on top of this piece of pool maintenance with your local pool contractor company.

3. Fencing. Keep your property and family safe with a secure fence around your pool. It should be isolation style fencing that is at least 5 feet tall. Make sure it has a secure gate, one that is self-closing and self-latching with a sturdy latch. The fencing should surround the pool, blocking direct access from the house and the yard. Remember, pools are dangerous and very tempting to children.

If you have a pool, keep these tips in mind the next time you go for a swim. Does that latch lock securely? Are you beginning to see staining on the plaster? When was the last time you replaced the pool liner? Or maybe your outdoor space is missing something. A hot tub or outdoor kitchen can increase your home value and provide a comfortable environment for entertaining. Contact your local pool renovations expert and get your outdoor living area exactly how you dreamed about it.

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