Perfect Wholesale Furniture Choices For College Student Rentals

Renting to college kids this fall? You know how rough they can be on furniture, and plenty of landlords have issues constantly rotating beaten-up commercial rental property furniture. Furniture sales during the autumn back-to-school season are projected to reach an estimated $6.23 billion according to the National Retail Federation. The good thing is that college kids aren’t too picky about high-end design when they’re renting a furnished apartment. Your best bet is buying sturdy, factory direct furniture to get the most bang for your buck when furnishing your rental property. Wholesale furniture is a great choice for those years when you know your couches will be beaten up quickly. Here are some particularly good choices for rentals aimed at college students.

A Desk

If there’s one thing a college student needs nearby, it’s a good desk. As the center of their universe for 4+ years of studying, web-surfing, job hunting, and completing assignments, a sturdy desk is one investment you won’t regret.

A Queen Sleeper Sofa

College kids like versatility, especially in their small living spaces like dorms and rentals. When they have visitors like family and friends come through for a night or two, having a sleeper sofa is wonderfully convenient. Buying a larger sofa means you may not have to invest in complementary chairs, too.

A Bookshelf

Students accumulate a lot of books, memorabilia, clothes, and other junk over the years. A bookshelf or two is a solid addition to a basic set of rental furniture.

Adirondack Chairs For Outdoor Spaces

Entertaining outdoors and soaking up some sunrays as space allows is a favorite pastime of college students before they’re holed up in the library for hours at a time as the semester goes on. Having some simple outdoor furniture in any outdoor spaces at your rentals is very appealing to college renters who enjoy that kind of activity but aren’t likely to purchase the outdoor furniture themselves.

Try durable, inexpensive options like Polywood furniture, and pick simple stain-resistant patterns and materials. You can usually skip on furniture like dining room sets when it comes to student renters. They can be pricey, even with wholesale furniture prices, and college students often don’t prioritize formal dining spaces. If you want a better idea of what your renters want, try surveying them at the end of their rental contracts.

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