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Studies show moving being one of the most stressful events people deal with in their life, and only divorce and death or more stressful than a move. However, there is good news that people should be aware of if they are facing an upcoming move. Long distance movers, for example, offer a wide range of services for people who are planning to move across the country or overseas. Cross country movers can be discovered in social networks, business directories and blogs. Your particular situation will dictate what cross country company to consider. For example, if you prefer using portable storage containers for a move, than finding a long distance moving company that offers portable containers is a priority.

Collecting packing supplies ahead of time is a great way to reduce the cost of a move. Boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper, tape, and other types of materials that are used for a move can be costly with certain moving companies. Packing ahead of time is also a smart move. It’s advised to keep valuable possessions with you while moving in order to avoid losing things that have sentimental value. Long distance moving companies should provide insurance coverage for their customers. Insurance coverage is beneficial during times that items are broken, lost, or stolen.

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