Learning about air cooled heat exchangers

Wondering how air cooled heat exchangers work? You can check out the explainer video, or we’ll briefly fill you in with this article.

When it comes to heat exchangers, there are two main components: the fans and the bundles.

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Okay, so how do these components work together to reduce and eliminate heat? First, heated process fluid enters into the bundles. From there, the fluid goes into the fin tubes, which then take the heat away from the fluid.

In order to cool the fluid, colder, ambient air is pushed by the fans over the fins, drawing away heat. Once the liquid is cooled, it can capture more heat and the process can start over again.

Keep in mind that besides air cooled heat exchangers, there are many other types of air cooler and conditioning units. The unit that works best for your building may vary depending on your needs and local conditions.

That said, air cooled heat exchangers are among the most effective and reliable cooling systems. Generally speaking maintenance upkeep is not burdensome either. If you have any further questions, it may be best to contact an expert.

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