If Your Rooms Are Boring, or Downright Depressing, Then Get Inspiration

Home interior decorating tips

A HomeGoods survey found that at least 50% of people believed that there was at least one room in their house that was not quite finished, even though it was fully furnished. Getting your home to look just right can certainly be a process, especially as your mood, your preferences, and your budget change.

If it is time to make some changes in your home, then you can get started by just referencing home decorating pictures to instantly get home decor ideas. Circle what you like, take notes, and go room by room until you have a wishlist of changes. Here are three rooms and some design tips for each that will help you look more critically at those pictures.

  1. Interior design ideas for bedrooms.
  2. About 40% of people in the HomeGoods study felt they could improve their mood in a room by adding color. Look for color schemes in pictures. Experts say that blue-hued colors are calming, and red-hued colors are energizing. Decide whether you want your bedroom to get you relaxed, or if you want it to be a place where you feel rejuvenated.

    Look at home decorating pictures of bedrooms, and look at bed placement. In almost every single example you will see a bed set in the middle of a wall, taking prominent place in the bedroom. The one exception to that is bedrooms for children and teenagers where the beds usually get pushed up into a corner. You are designing your bedroom, remember that you can put your bed wherever you want.

    You will also notice that most examples have either an accent wall, or piece, on the wall that connects with the head of the bed. This is where a DIY home decor painting, or project, would look perfect.

  3. Home decoration tips for small homes.
  4. Did you know that 46% of people who felt that a room was responsible for their bad moods believed that the cause was related to lighting? When lighting a small home, use a variety of lighting types and sources. If you were to have all recessed lighting throughout the house, you would only enhance the impression that the house was not much bigger than an apartment. When you combine task lighting, floor lighting, and ambient lighting, your eye follows different patterns when taking in a room instead of scanning the whole thing right away due to a harsh, uni-directional lighting scheme.

  5. Bathroom interior design ideas
  6. If you have a small bathroom, there are several things you can do to make it appear bigger. Choose frosted glass instead of shower curtains, use well placed and fashionable mirrors to reflect light, choose fixtures that are the right size, or smaller, and stay away from bright colors which can make a room feel small.

Using home decorating pictures to gather inspiration, take notes, and build your wishlist is a great way to start any home improvement or redecorating project. Remember that colors and lighting play a large role in how big or how small a room can feel. Take inspiration from home decorating pictures, but ultimately make decisions that revolve around what you enjoy most.

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