How To Rent A Crane

Considering crane rentals for your construction project can be a hassle. Youtuber Michael Twillman provides a simple video on how to rent cranes in simple steps.

The first step is knowing how long you’ll need the crane for.

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Try making a reservation for 2 to 3 days prior to the job. Take accurate measurements for the crane’s distance to the building, height of the building, and how far the crane will stretch onto the rooftop.

Specifics must also be provided on what’s being hoisted. Some examples are height of object, length, width, including the total weight and any special concerns you have about the object in question.

Watch out for any live wires near the site you’ll be using. Take note of them and alert nearby power stations that work is being done there. Also, keep in mind any other obstructions might be in the way on-site. Trash cans, cars, simply anything that could get in the way.

Rental companies will usually come with websites you can check out for up-to-date rental rates. See if they have a company phone listing as well.

Renting cranes might not be easy at first, but experts are available to help.

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