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How to Prepare for Your Initial Landscaping Consultation

Creating a beautiful landscape for your home is not only for the inexperienced. But whether you’re new to landscaping or not, it’s important that you gather enough knowledge to be adequately prepared for your initial landscape design consultation. This meeting will not only give you a chance to share your backyard vision, it will give your landscape contractor a chance to look at the space and assess whether or not it’s possible to bring your vision to life.

Are you prepared for your landscape design consultation? If not, here are a few things you should take care to prepare.

Determine Entertainment Needs
If you’re a summer party animal, it’s not a big stretch to assume you’ll want to invest in an outdoor kitchen design or new patio installation. These features are essential to entertaining large groups of people, especially if you want to keep everyone outside for the majority of the event. But other things need to be taken into account as well. Is a pool in your future? Are you going to want more secluded areas in addition to your entertaining spaces? This should all be determined with a degree of certainty before your first consultation.

Create a Budget
The average American spends almost 4 hours per week taking care of their lawn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re spending a fortune to do it. Above all else, it’s important to determine how much you’re willing to spend before you meet with a landscape designer. Based on this number, a landscape designer will likely be able to help you tailor your backyard vision so it not only pleases you but fits your budget as well.

Arrive With an Open Mind
Before you start complaining about what a landscaping company can and can’t do, try to come at projects like these with an open mind. In truth, you may not be able to complete every item on your landscaping list with the budget you have. But that’s no reason to give up! It’s a landscape designer’s job to help you make your vision come alive while staying within your financial and spacial limits. If you come into a landscape design consultation with an open mind and a vision, you’re sure to leave feeling more confident about the future of your lawn.

Landscape design isn’t an exact science. It requires you to prepare ideas and be open to change. That might be a little bit difficult when you’re planning your dream lawn, but so long as you’re prepared, a landscape designer can guide you through the entire process.

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