How to Lay Pea Gravel

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Decorative pea gravel is a low-maintenance paving option for people looking to build beautiful and natural paths around their yard and garden. This article will explore how to lay pea gravel right the first time.

First, make sure to use chipping that is 14mm or wider. Smaller gravel will not last as long and disperse more easily, making it a messier selection.

The next step is to decide where in your lawn your gravel path will go and to design the actual path. Make sure to measure everything twice and use chalk or stakes and fishline to demarcate where you’ll be putting the path.

Clear the area of plants and weeds, and lay down a weed membrane. The weed membrane will keep the gravel protected from weeds, eliminating the need to constantly be digging up your path to remove them.

Now it’s time to lay the gravel. Pour your gravel onto the path and disperse it evenly with a shovel and rake. The depth of the gravel should be around 50mm. This is the perfect balance to make sure you don’t see the bottom of the path and you’re not sinking in every step.

Finally, hose down the area to remove dust and make the gravel shine cleanly. Now you have a functional and aesthetically pleasing pathway.

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