Are you in the need of new gutters? Usually, when gutters reach the end of their lifespan you won’t notice. Gutters help to protect your foundation and roof. What happens with gutters is that without them, water will stay and drip on the edge of your shingles, resulting in water getting into your foundation and siding which causes mold and crumbling of the foundation.

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This also affects your roof because water uses surface tension to travel wherever it wants to. The thing is, you would much rather hire a gutter replacement company than roofing contractors. The price difference is huge, as gutters can cost 4 figures while roofs usually run you at least 5 figures. To install the gutters, there are two methods. These methods depend on whether or not you have a fascia board in your home. Typically most homeowners do, which in this situation, you will use screws and bolts to mount the gutters onto the fascia. The most important part of this is making sure you have the correct pitch to the gutters so that the water runs towards the downspout.

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