How to Install a Chain Link Fence

This video is all about chain link fence builder tips and techniques. For clear instructions and thorough details, watch the video.
Posthole size might vary depending on location, fence length, and fencing materials utilized.

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You have to dig holes 6″ in diameter and 30″ in depth in typical for residential chain link fences (or below frost line in your area). Another rule of thumb is to dig thrice the size of the post, i.e. a 2″ diameter post would require a 6″ diameter hole, and to place one-third of the fence’s elevation above surface – in the ground.
Post holes for chain link fences can be dug by hand using posthole diggers and spud bars, small gas powered augers, or skid steers equipped with hydraulic augers. The size of your auger bit should be determined by the size and grade of the fence components to be placed.
When you need to locate a fence post close to an existing building, excavating near the structure is still preferable to hand digging from scratch with posthole diggers and spud bars. A hole was drilled as close to the existing fence as possible. The hole will be hand dug, or ‘shaved,’ to be closer to the current fence.
In short, watch the video to understand in detail about chain link fence builder.

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