How to Decorate for a Stay at Home Summer Camp

School’s out and summer holidays have begun. If your kids aren’t going to summer camp, there are plenty of fun things you can organize for them to keep them from getting bored. The attached video highlights exciting ideas about what to do for a stay-at-home summer camp.

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Have a ‘multi-cultural week’ to celebrate different countries. You can celebrate Mexico by making pinatas. Celebrate China by making paper dragons and lanterns. Set up a tent in your backyard for camping. Play flashlight shadow games and have fun making different shapes using your fingers. Toast marshmallows if you have a campfire.

Make an outdoor waterbed using a tarp where kids will have fun jumping on it. Beat the heat by having water gun fights. Race paper boats if there’s a stream or gutter nearby. Get a bag of sand and make sandcastles if you don’t have a beach nearby.

‘Dinosaur week’ can be great fun as well. Organize a dinosaur hunt using toy dinosaurs. Make fossils using plaster of Paris. Use the sandbox to pretend to dig for dinosaurs and fossils. Get big boxes and make a giant ship or a fort. Tea parties and scavenger hunts are also great fun.

Enjoy spending time with your kids with the above ideas. They’ll be occupied, learn new things, and have tons of fun.


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