How to Attract the Newlywed Crowd to Your Hotel

Wedding season isn’t only the best time of year for the bridal industry. As a hotel owner, you can also significantly benefit.

After a new couple celebrates their big day they’ll likely want to get out of town for their honeymoon. And what better place to stay during a honeymoon than a hotel? Here’s how you can attract the honeymoon crowd to your hotel this wedding season.

Welcome Gifts are ALWAYS a Hit

When the newlyweds arrive at your hotel for check-in, offer them a glass of champagne and a little gift bag. The gift bag can include water bottles, a voucher for a percentage off at your hotel’s restaurant, and some cookies. If their room isn’t ready yet, take them out to your patio where they can relax on your commercial patio furniture sets. The commercial patio furniture sets may include Adirondack chairs, outdoor commercial sleeping chairs, and maybe even a cabana. When they get to their room, have a bottle of wine and some macarons waiting for them on the desk. This is a really small way to say “welcome to your new life.”

Breakfast in Bed is All The New Couple Could Ever Want

Honeymoons are a chance for a new couple to relax after months, or maybe years, of wedding planning. And nothing is more relaxing than having breakfast delivered right to your bedside. Have your waitstaff bring a cart of delicious breakfast foods and coffee into your guest’s sitting area. They can drop it off while the two are fast asleep in dreamland. The couple will wake up to the smells of the fresh pot of coffee and bacon.

No Honeymooner Wants to Go Back Home

When your guests’ check-in, offer them the option of late check-out. Since the last night of the honeymoon is when newlyweds tend to go all out, give them the chance to sleep in. Your guests will appreciate the ability to stay an hour or so longer and may repay you in full by coming back to stay again in the future.

Whether you’re offering your guests relaxation on your patio in Adirondack chairs (which Thomas Lee created the prototype of in 1903), free champagne, or late check-out, these are the types of gestures that will be remembered by guests for years to come.

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