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How Do I Know Which Size Storage Container Is Best For Me?

Storage containers are a popular means of providing additional space for both your short-term and long-term needs, and for good reason. Compared to storage facilities, you don’t need to worry about when you can access your items or if your relocation options are limited.

When you use on-site storage containers, you can take your storage with you and access your items whenever you need. But how do you know which size storage container is the best option for you and your workplace?

Which size storage container is right for me?

Storage containers come in a variety of sizes, but the three most popular sizes include 40 ft, 20 ft, and 10 ft storage containers. Each of these containers is a considerably different size, which makes choosing the right one difficult if you haven’t had the time to plan ahead.

Fortunately, you can determine which size container is right for you by asking yourself a few simple questions such as the following:

    • How long do you intend to rent your storage container for?


    • Are you renting your storage container as your sole storage space?


    • What is the size of your business?


    • Do you expect your business to grow any time soon?


    • What do you plan to keep in your storage container?


    • Are you renting your storage container for additional storage space?


    • Are you renting your storage container for a certain department or for the entire office?

By asking yourself these questions, you can begin to get an idea of what size of storage container you’re looking for. It’s best to opt for the largest containers when you need long-term storage or storage for the entire office. The smallest containers are best when using the container for yourself or additional storage space for inventory.

Where can I find a container rental near me?

There are up to 50,000 storage facilities in the US, but sometimes on-site storage units are more up your alley. Custom storage containers for rent give you the ability to store your items within a reasonable distance so you don’t have to waste time to access the things you need.

If you’ve found yourself asking “Where can I find a container rental near me?” We have the office storage containers for you. Whether you need 40 ft, 20 ft, or 10 ft storage containers for lease, we have you covered. To learn more about renting our storage containers, contact us today.

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