Hints for Sunroom Construction

Sunrooms are becoming a popular substitute to screen porches because of the ability to use them year-round.

The first thing to keep in mind when planning to build a sunroom is whether or not you are going open the walls and attach to an existing room or if you are going to have a separate area with access through the door. This decision affects the type of flooring or heating system you will install.

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You will need to consider what type of HVAC system to use. The next important consideration is if you are going to keep the flooring consistent or choose a different style of flooring. Tile will help the room stay cooler, while hardwood and carpet provide a warmer and cozy feel. Next option for sunroom construction is to consider lighting. Adding a sunroom can drastically decrease the amount of natural light in your kitchen or living room. A sunroom typically has more window than finished wall space, which is great during the day. However, you will need additional lighting for use during the evening. A lamp near a seating area is recommended as well. Lastly, consider what type of furniture you will include in the sunroom. Place the furniture in the areas that make the most sense with the sunlight during the day.


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