Guide To Managing Messy Electrical Cables

Alexander the Great infamously cut the Gordian Knot many centuries ago, “solving” a puzzle that had befuddled many different people. Take a peek behind your entertainment center or under your office desk, and you may well find plenty of knots. And while it might be tempting to cut those cords, you could find yourself in for an (electrical) shock. A proactive approach and using custom power cables may reduce the risk of knots.

Fortunately, it’s possible to streamline your cords and avoid annoying entanglements.

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You can get started by using rather basic materials and items from around the home. Not sure what to gather? You can get started with zip ties, double-sided tape, and cable mesh.

With the materials in hand, you’ll want to bundle different electrical cords together using zip ties. Let’s say you’ve got a large entertainment center. You might bundle the cords that go to your wifi router, DVD player, and lamp because all three sit near each other on one side of the entertainment center. Next, you might bundle the cords that connect to your television, soundbar, and streaming device because they are also near each other.

It’s also possible to reduce the risks of tangles forming by using custom power cables.

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