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Give Your Home a Facelift with New Windows

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When you are looking to do home improvements, there are a number of factors to consider. You want to do projects that will improve the enjoyment of your home, and you also want to increase value as much as you can relative to what you spend. You also want to do projects that will increase the energy efficiency of your home to reduce your home energy bill. Residential window installation is one project you can do that fulfills all three of those criteria.

Though windows are expensive relative to other home improvements, costing about $300 to $700 per window, they are a worthwhile project to have done. Replacing your windows can improve your energy efficiency by about 10-25%. Windows also recoup up to about 80% of what you spend on them, meaning if you spend $10,000 on new windows, your home’s value should increase by about $8,000. Residential windows also are a long-lasting improvement. With proper care, your windows should last you for 20 years or more.

How does a residential window installation increase your value and energy efficiency? Adding new home windows will improve the look of your home and boost its curb appeal, something that is important not only to the homeowner but also to potential buyers. Newer windows also will be easier to operate, which also is a plus. In terms of boosting your energy efficiency, new windows will fit the frames better, which means there are fewer cracks and gaps through which air can escape. Also, most new windows are double- or triple-paned, which means they offer much better protection against hot and cold than older single-paned windows do.

New windows are not the only projects you can do that will improve the exterior look of your home. Replacing your siding can greatly improve the look of your home, and it adds a tremendous amount of value. Sticking with vinyl siding is cheaper and it also can be easier to maintain. Replacing your entrance door or your garage door are both relatively inexpensive projects that add a tremendous amount of value. In fact, both projects should increase the value of your home by more than you spend on them. You also can make an impact simply by doing some landscape improvements, such as planting shrubs or trimming trees.

When choosing to do a residential window installation or make other home improvements, you must weigh the cost vs. the amount of value the improvements will add as well as how they will increase your enjoyment of your home.

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