Get More with Benjamin Moore — 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Painting Technique

This helpful video was prepared by the paint experts at Benjamin Moore. Whether you’re a first-time interior painter, or even a painting veteran, the tips in this Benjamin Moore video will certainly teach you something new.

Perfect the Process of “Cutting In”

Bad cut-ins can result in crooked lines or uneven edges. Be sure to watch the video to hear how Benjamin Moore recommends cutting-in your painting.

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Make Sure Your Roller Has Enough Paint

Figuring out the right amount of paint for your roller can take some trial and error, but Benjamin Moore offers a great technique for fixing any mistakes.

Touch Up the Ceiling

The best time to clean up any stray paint is while it’s still wet. However, sometimes it’s just not feasible. In these cases, re-painting the ceiling to cover up any mistakes is your best bet. Benjamin Moore offers a great line of ceiling paints.

Prime Your Walls

Covering your walls with a coat of primer is the best way to ensure that your Benjamin Moore paints show their color best.

Tape with Care

Make sure that you tape your borders with care to ensure that the adhesive seals thoroughly and prevents any leakage. This video offers a few great tips for guaranteeing a crisp edge.

To get the best out of your Benjamin Moore interior paints, watch this video for some easy ways to improve the painting process.


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