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Four Tips for Keeping Your HVAC Unit Happy

If your home has an HVAC system, it is important that you keep it running smoothly. If your ac heating and cooling unit or your ac ventilation system aren’t working right, it can impact the comfort level in your home. Sometimes it can even impact your safety, leaving you vulnerable to allergens or cold weather. So as soon as you notice something isn’t working right, you should call an AC repair service to come in and take a look.

Some AC repair jobs are simple and can be done quickly. Other times, it might take your repair service longer to fix what is wrong. If you can do it during the off season, when you don’t need your AC or heat, you’ll likely save money since repairs can be more expensive when they’re more urgent. So you shouldn’t put it off just because you don’t need your system right now. Find an AC heating and cooling near me and get a quote from them about how much it will cost. Then get a repair team in to resolve your problem.

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If you live in a house, chances are that your air conditioning or heating services are important to you. If you happen to live in a climate that is so temperate it doesn’t need a furnace or air conditioning, you are in an extremely fortunate minority. And also, may we please live with you?

For the rest of the 99% of our country, our air conditioning and heat are our greatest energy users. When we are in need of air conditioning or furnace repair, it’s a big ol’ deal. It can be hazardous to the health of the inhabitants of your home if your heater dies in the dead of winter, or your air conditioning goes down in the dog days of summer. On top of that, if your HVAC unit goes kaput entirely, you’re looking at a multi-thousand dollar bill to replace it. It’s in your best interest to keep your heating and cooling units in good shape, so that your family stays comfortable and so does your wallet.

    1. Give your HVAC system an annual check-up.
      Many tiny issues can turn into enormous issues if they are not caught in time. Some HVAC issues can go completely overlooked until you go to crank up the air conditioning or heat and realize that you’re going to be extremely hot or extremely cold until you fork over a whole lot of money to fix it. It’s far less expensive and better for your personal comfort to bring in a pro to look over your HVAC unit at least once a year.Not only will they be able to identify small chinks in your HVAC armor that could lead to big issues, they’ll also make sure that your unit is setup for run at peak efficiency. Since your heating and cooling is the biggest chunk of your energy bill, making sure they are running efficiently can save you a ton of cash!


    1. Ask lots of questions.
      When you do have the HVAC tech that we mentioned in the previous point in your home, be nosy about what they’re doing. Many people worry that they’ll be in the way if they look over their tech’s shoulder and watch what they do. However, you’re paying the tech to look over your HVAC unit, do yourself a favor and learn about it. Ask what helps your HVAC unit get the greatest lifespan from your HVAC unit. Ask the professional how to get your home to the peak temperature with the least amount of energy. Ask what particular upkeep and maintenance your particular unit needs to stay in tip-top order. Remember, knowledge is power, man!


    1. Give your HVAC unit a once-over every now and then.
      In between visits from an HVAC service professional, keep your unit running in peak efficiency by inspecting it every couple months:

      • Take a look at the intake unit outside. You want to make sure there is no blockage preventing air from flowing through it efficiently. This include storage items, foliage, weeds, and debris.
      • Change your air filter. We can’t emphasize this enough. Your air filter is the gate keeper that keeps dust and debris out of the air you breath, and the important components within your HVAC system. When it gets clogged, air cannot flow efficiently through your HVAC system. This not only makes your system have to work extra hard to do its job, it eventually leads to its premature demise.Changing the air filter out every six months, or more if you live in a particularly dusty or pollen-ridden area, is a simple, expensive way to keep your HVAC unit happy.


  1. Take advantage of the off-season.
    Maybe you notice your air conditioning needs repair during the winter. You might think you have a few months until you need to deal with it. Wrong. If you make air conditioning repairs in the winter, or heating repairs in the summer, you’ll find that it is about 20% less expensive than waiting until peak season. Not to mention, you don’t want to end up on a wait list for last-minute HVAC repairs when you need it the most!

Do you have any great tips for keeping an HVAC system happy? Please share it with us in the comment section below!


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