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Five Ways to Stay Cool at Night When the AC Isn’t Working

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Cranking the AC right before you go to bed on a hot night is a great way to drop the temperature enough to sleep soundly. However, doing so can be costly, and when your AC and home cooling systems are broken down, that might not even be an option. So if cooling home bedrooms with AC is not an option, you’ll have to find some alternatives. Thankfully, there are several ways you can cool yourself down and stay comfortable throughout the night to get a good rest.

  • Use the Cool Side of the Pillow
  • The “other side” of your pillow might be refreshing, but if you put your pillow in the freezer for a little while before you go to sleep, the whole thing will be cool, making it easier to fight the heat and get to sleep.

  • Get Some Air Moving
  • Fans aren’t just a part of film noir scenes where detectives clouded in smoke try to solve crimes. If you place one in your bedroom, it can create a breeze and even bring in cool air from the outside to help you get to sleep. It might even be a better option than paying for HVAC repair services.

  • Cool Off Your Bedding
  • During the day, heat might be slow to escape your blankets after you’ve slept in them and if the sun shines on them all day, they might be hot at night when you want to go to bed. By hanging them up in a cool part of the house, maybe even the basement, blankets will not be so warm.

  • Take the Comforter Off
  • Most people will agree that being able to cuddle up in a big blanket and hug a pillow is the best way to get cozy in bed. But bulky blankets and pillows store heat, and make it difficult to cool down. Try just using a sheet or sticking your feet out from the bottom of the blanket to stay cool.

  • Lower Your Body Temp
  • When cooling home bedrooms is a problem, simply cool yourself instead. A dip in the pool, a cold shower, or simply running cold water over your wrists can help drop your body temperature. That can be key to falling and staying asleep, no matter how hot it is.

When the AC goes out,cooling homes is hardly ever easy, especially when the temperature rises during the middle of summer. Despite feeling sluggish all day in the heat, it can still be hard to get to sleep when the temperature simply won’t go down. Using some of these helpful techniques could be the solution. See this reference for more.

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