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Does Your Air Conditioner Need Frequent Repairs? Contact a Local HVAC Company to Learn More About Energy-Efficient Models

With the global temperatures rising every day and the need to regulate temperatures, HVAC systems will be here for a long time. Often, ministers and other climate change counterparts meet annually to discuss the progress in adaptation, mitigation, and financing of the agreed changes. There are many air conditioning systems to choose from, depending on what suits you best. The different types include; hybrid systems, split systems, packaged air and heat systems, and duct-free systems.

You need to know all there is about HVAC technicians before purchasing an HVAC system. Different units will need additional servicing and maintenance. Heating services are essential attributes of a sound air conditioning system. A new heating and cooling unit can serve you for years. Larger spaces require larger units and vice versa. You will find partial air conditioning units in many offices to regulate the temperatures and ensure a conducive working environment.

Another type is a central air conditioner with gas heat, which works best if you are trying to save on electricity. Before finalizing a purchase, inquire about the different components your unit has. It is paramount to buy a unit system you fully understand its functionality. Your HVAC system is like your best friend; it takes care of you all the time.

Ductless heating

Even though we’re still experiencing winter weather, it’s a good time to prepare for spring and summer. Roughly 66% of the homes within the United States have some type of air conditioning system. While these should be inspected at least twice a year, many households may postpone this recommended maintenance during the winter.

Proper Maintenance of Your Home’s Air Conditioning System

When air conditioning systems are inspected and maintained on a regular basis, they tend to have fewer issues. A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) service will be able to determine whether or not a system is operating as it should be and make any necessary adjustments. Furthermore, since HVAC contractors have extensive experience working with these systems, they will be able to anticipate any repairs that are need to ensure that they are functioning optimally.

Since regular maintenance inspections are needed for the new energy-efficient models as well, remember to schedule these twice a year. Another very important maintenance task is to change the filters on a regular basis., for example, states that most HVAC systems need to have their filters changed every one to three months.

In some instances, however, filters may need to be changed more often. There are several reasons that this may be necessary. When households have pets, for example, airborne fur and dander may build up in the filters. Another reason filters may need to be changed more often is when someone in the household has allergies, asthma, or other health issues.

Potential Air Conditioning System Issues

There are a variety of issues that can potentially arise with air conditioning systems. If a system hasn’t been properly installed, then it can decrease a home’s heating and cooling efficiency. This can be as much as 30%, which is significant.

Even when a duct air conditioning system is operating well, leakage can still occur. This can reduce between 20% to 40% of the overall energy needed to operate these systems. In this instance, many HVAC companies may recommend having a ductless system installed for greater operational and energy efficiency.

Another issue that can arise is mold build-up, which has proven to be a serious health concern. The Mayo Clinic, for example, reported that 93% of chronic sinus infections were due to mold exposure. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that all types of mold can potentially affect a person’s health. In some instances, mold may have a minor to severe effect. In rare cases, however, exposure to mold can lead to death.

Save Energy and Money With a More Efficient HVAC System

If you’ve had to repair your air conditioner on a regular basis, then it may be time to replace it. Even if you haven’t had to repair your air conditioner very often, you may still want to consider replacing it with a new, more energy-efficient system. It’s important to know that there have been quite a few advancements with air conditioners and HVAC systems in general. Currently, these systems use about half the energy than they did a few decades ago.

Whether you’ve needed to repair your air conditioner or not, if you’ve had it for ten or more years, you may want to consider replacing it now. Given that there are new, more efficient models available, wouldn’t you like to save on your energy usage and costs? Recent data shows that you could increase your energy efficiency and save as much as 20% on your utility bills. When you have a new system, you won’t be as concerned about needing to repair your air conditioner again in the near future.

When you contact your local HVAC company to schedule routine maintenance for your existing system, it would be a good opportunity to discuss the benefits of purchasing a new air conditioner and/or HVAC system. You may, for example, want to consider a ductless air conditioning system, as these are more energy efficient than their counterparts. In the same way that you don’t want to be without heat during the winter, you also don’t want to be without cool air during the warmer months.

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