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Completing Your Room Remodel with These Design Details

Stone kitchen backsplash

The details are really what tie together a room remodel. The minor details are the design aspects of the remodel. They are the parts of the room that draw the attention. They are the parts of the room that make it feel comfortable and livable. As you plan your upcoming room remodel, consider the following room changing design details.

Cabinet hardware
The cabinet hardware is the knobs, handles, and anchors. Most home remodelers do not initially realize that their new cabinets do not always come with these things. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it allows you to choose colors and styles that best match your overall room design. Your cabinet hardware should be of high quality and durable, but you can choose the specific designs that you desire. Match the colors with your countertops and wall colors for a completed remodel look.

Light fixtures
Lighting does not have to come in a bland, boring bulb or fixture. You can install a chandelier, recessed lighting, or any other type of designer lighting that you prefer. Lighting is important in every room, but especially so in the bathroom and kitchen. Whatever light you choose, make sure it provides good light and ties in with the rest of your remodel designs. The good thing about lighting fixtures is that you can easily change them out if you decide to remodel your room again in the next couple of years.

Shower tiles
Most showers are equipped with bathroom tiles. Yet, many homeowners are not aware that you can actually change up your glass tile colors. Ceramic backsplash comes in many different glass tile colors and designs. You can achieve your desired look with the ceramic wall tiles and shower tiles. For a unique look, run the same backsplash tile from the shower onto the floor. It will create a sleek and clean look. Just make sure that your floor tile is made for floors.

The PEI rating of tiles indicates how strong they are, or how much wear they can stand up to. A PEI class rating of 1 means the tile is only for walls, and cannot handle foot traffic at all. A rating of 5, on the other hand, means that they will withstand even the heaviest foot traffic for commercial installations. While you likely do not need commercial grade ceramic tile for bathroom in your residential remodel, you do need something that is durable and will hold up for many years.

Backsplash designs
Backsplashes are a newer trend. They can easily be installed and can immediately change the overall look of a room. Backsplashes comes in a variety of colors and styles. They can pair with your shower glass tile colors or provide a nice contrast to the tile on your floor. Bathroom additions offer an average of 86.4% ROI and backsplash is a great design addition to achieve the highest ROI possible.

When it comes to backsplash designs, however, you want to treat them similar to a tile install. This is especially true if they are in the bathroom. The increase of moisture and wet floors can affect the backsplash over time. It is best to stick to recommended sizing dimensions and installation instructions. For example, one square foot comprises eight 3 by 6 inch subway tiles. Measure your project space, round that number to the next highest square foot, then add 10 to 15% to cover waste, cuts, and breakage.

Remodeling any room in your house is a lot of work. It is important to remember that the minimal details and designs are what pull the entire look of the room together. Change up your glass tile colors, match your cabinet hardware to the counters and floors, and run your shower tile onto the flooring. Finally, choose a flashy backsplash to really make a statement.

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