Completely Rebuilding a Dodge Viper From Scratch

This video shows viewers how an enthusiast builds a Dodge Viper from scratch. The enthusiast bought a 2017 Dodge Viper GTS that came with a brand new frame. It had several suspension damage on the passenger’s side. The video creator went ahead and bought an entirely new frame from Dodge because that was the recommended remedy for frame damage. He went through just about every part of the vehicle and replaced it by himself.

Video Source

The video shows him stripping everything down to the bare frame before rebuilding everything. The vehicle had a red exterior when he first started the project, and he ended his project with the Viper having a gorgeous white exterior.

The roof and mirrors were the second parts to go. That part of the project didn’t require too many tools. It looks like he only needed to use three or four small tools for that part of the project. The next part after the roof and mirrors was disassembling the seats and removing everything else from inside the vehicle.

The whole project appears to be superfun, and viewers can learn a lot from this person. All enthusiasts should consider picking up a salvage Viper for sale. Rebuilding and modifying a vehicle such as this could be exhilarating.

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