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Color Coordinate Your Style

Painters and decorators south london

A recent survey revealed that 47 percent of households have not updated their homes interior decor in five years; nine percent have not redecorated in more than ten years! It does not have to take loads of time or money to update your style. A simple coat or two of paint, some creativity, and a little guidance from experienced painters and decorators West London can update your decor in no time.

The color of a rooms interior has the power to evoke a mood. Bright colors are upbeat, while subdued hues are calming. When choosing new color schemes for your homes interior, it is important to keep in mind complementary colors and tones. For example, on a color wheel, yellow and violet are opposite, and are therefore complementary. Therefore, these colors may go well together. Additionally, it is important to note that there is such a thing as too much color. When updating a room, painters and decorators West London will advise you to incorporate different hues, tones, and be sure to include neutrality so the room is not an overwhelming shade of any one color.

There are experienced painters and decorators West London for every niche and every neighborhood of London, too. The expertise of painters and decorators West London, painters and decorators North London, painters and decorators South London, and painters and decorators south west london, for example, are available for hire and to advise you on issues such as when to use oil based paints and when to use water based paints. Professional painters and decorators west london can also help you with painting tricky surfaces, such as stucco or brick.

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