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Are You Prepared For A Power Outage? You Could Lose Millions Otherwise

Generator installation panama city

Everyone has an emergency plan should their power go out. Matches and candles kept in a side cupboard, flashlights with extra batteries, an independent phone charger…these tiny additions all add up to a safer situation. But what about a faulty generator? Sometimes these small efforts still aren’t enough. More American families and businesses alike are becoming aware of the profound impact of a failed generator, that of which is becoming more commonplace as old and faulty generators show their age unexpectedly. Not only can you be cut off from the rest of the neighborhood, your food can spoil and your files can be lost.

Don’t let the unexpected leave you without options. Prepare yourself for a potential storm surge by learning about whole house generator systems below.

The State Of American Generators Today

When you want to keep your stock protected and your family safe, an emergency generator is an absolute must. According to data provided by the federal government, the United States’ electric grid loses power 285% more often than in 1984. This is only an estimate, however, since data collection efforts on the effect of blackouts only began in the 1980s’. If you live in a storm heavy area or work from home, this is one list you can’t afford to miss out on if you want to protect your livelihood.

Common And Uncommon Contributors To Failed Generators

Before you look into a generator size calculator you need to learn about this source of energy, how it functions and how it fails. What causes a generator to fail? A common contributor is age, though outside tampering and faulty maintenance can also be factors. Bad weather, particularly in areas known for heavy storms and tornadoes, is still the number one factor that affects generator installers. It’s important to keep an eye on statistics and reject the belief that your home or business will not be affected — the first six months of 2014 saw over 130 reported grid outages.

What Businesses Need To Keep An Eye Out For If The Generator Fails

A failed generator can put your business at risk for data loss and break-ins. Creating standby generators will protect you from the aftermath of a lightning storm and make sure you don’t lose more than you already have. Power outages cost American businesses over $150 billion every year, thanks to reports by DOE, and weather-related disruptions are the most expensive contributors by far. When you start up your whole house generators you need to keep in mind the peak power rating, that of which should be much higher than your calculated need to bridge unexpected gaps.

What Homeowners Need To Keep An Eye Out For If The Generator Fails

Businesses can lose millions of dollars from a single power outage. What about homeowners? The biggest concern is often wasted food, lost data and damaged appliances. If power is out for less than four hours it’s safe to assume the food in your refrigerator and freezer will be safe to eat. To be extra careful it’s recommended you use a food thermometer to check the temperature of your food before you cook or eat it, with any food that has a temperature of more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit needing to be thrown away immediately.

Choosing The Right Generators For Your Residence Or Establishment

Americans can no longer afford to neglect the long-term consequences of a failed energy source. The average American household will spend nearly 3% of its total income on energy bills. Determining the size of the generator needed depends on the total rated watts of appliances or fixtures you need operating during an outage — this is especially imperative for freelancers who work from home and rely on their surrounding technology to make the majority of their income. From a single 100-watt light bulb to eight 100-watt light bulbs, every single element in the home can be easily tallied for quick reference later.

Just like adding a new flashlight to your emergency kit, staying prepared with extra knowledge will mean all the difference when worst comes to worst.

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