Are You Overwhelming Your Spaces? Three Home Decor Ideas and Tips

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Did you know that the practice of interior design is thousands of years old? Ancient Egyptians, for example, decorated their huts with animal skins, sculptures, painted vases and a few furniture pieces. Today, house and home decorating is something many people are interested in, whether they live in a small apartment or a large house. Here are three home decorating tips for beginners so that your home can look fresh and magazine worthy in no time.

1. The Rule of Three… and More

The rule of three is important to interior design, and it refers to layout and numbers. Odd numbers of items are usually more interesting and eye catching than even numbers. Odd numbers tend to give a more organic and natural feel to a layout. Another essential part of home design is not to overwhelm spaces. It can be tempting to micromanage every available inch of space, but in truth, you want to let a room breathe, and not be crammed from floor to wall with objects and pictures.

2. Interior Design Color Ideas

Deciding on a color palette before approaching a room for decorating is a good idea, since an easy way of drawing the room together is making sure the colors complement, rather than clash. Many people decide to operate around a neutral color palette, using browns, grays, whites and tans. Neutral is great, but adding a little splash of color will often get that “wow” effect you crave. Go bold with deep red walls, or add touches of red around the room in the form of lampshades, pillows, et cetera. An easy way to bring some pattern or color into a room? Paint or wallpaper the back of your bookcases.

3. DIY to Success

Worried about all the sky high prices you encounter while looking for a nice end table or painting help? You’d be surprised at how many home decor ideas you can accomplish by yourself. Often, a can of spray paint is all you need to turn a chair off Craigslist into a beautiful find. With online tutorials, you can create everything from chandeliers to floor rugs with everyday craft items and just a little bit of reading.

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