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Are You Looking for Bamboo Wood Flooring Ideas? Ask for Some Flooring Samples

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There are different types of bamboo flooring that you may be considering for your home remodeling project. When you’re deciding which to choose, the good news is that you can request bamboo flooring samples. Since they are available in different colors, including natural bamboo, having samples can help you decide which type to have installed and where.

You’re probably aware that bamboo flooring is a sustainable product. When harvested, just 16% to 20% of the crop is taken, which leaves the rest of the bamboo forest in place. Another benefit of bamboo flooring is that it doesn’t release VOCs into the house, so the interior air quality is healthier than with other types of flooring.

Strand bamboo flooring also has a high Janka, or hardness, rating. When deciding whether to install bamboo or other types of wood flooring, you may want to consider these average ratings:

  • Northern Red Oak: 1290
  • North American Hard Maple: 1450
  • Brazilian Cherry: 2800

While most hardwoods tend to have an average Janka rating of 1450, Trinity Bamboo’s Strand bamboo flooring has an average rating of 3780. Carbonized Solid Strand Bamboo flooring has an average Janka rating of 3646.

Depending on the house’s humidity level, you may want to consider the advantages of having an Engineer Floor or a Solid Strand Bamboo floor. Dry climates, for example, have a Relative Humidity of below 35% and moist climates will have a Relative Humidity over 55%. An Engineered Floor will therefore expand and contract less than with a Solid Strand Bamboo floor.

Since you want to install the best bamboo flooring brands, it’s also important to note that you can also purchase different types of bamboo flooring accessories for steps and landings. Trinity Bamboo is also FloorScore certified, which signifies that it doesn’t emit the level of chemicals that other types of flooring treatments do.

Bamboo flooring is easy to keep clean, doesn’t dent due to its Janka hardness rating, and will weather a considerable amount of foot traffic. When you decide to have this flooring installed, you can request flooring samples so that you can choose the right colors and patterns for each room of the house.

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